Patene Building Supply Ltd.


*****Great location for bldg supplies and brick, stone, masonry supplies. My husband is a local mason (owns and operates E&R Schwarz Masonry Ltd.) and whenever he is searching for that perfect brick colour, size, texture he connects with Dave Simon at Patene Building Supply and together they scour the Kitchener yard for that perfect match. Thanks Dave for your ongoing assistance !!!!


*****Excellent people at this company. We do a lot of business with this company purchasing 90% of all our masonry supplies bricks, mortar, flues etc. All ways friendly and happy people willing to help. Great team guys.


*****Great staff and great service. Very helpful in finding the exact product I needed. Highly recommend Patene for any building material.

Jon W

*****Great service and so your roofing supplies


Foolish Bravery

*****Really freindly service anf i also like the fact that they load all the materials into my truck

Matt S

*****Fantastic to deal with. Very kind & helpful people! Great building products! Delivery drivers are really good!


Joe P

*****Great costumer service

Sheryl T

*****I want to tell you about my experience this morning as I believe it is all to often that the good stuff falls short of being voiced. I was so impressed with the care and expertise of the drivers who delivered our products this morning. They had to work around a dumpster that was in their way to pull right up to the loading dock door and manveuvered it without any issues at all. Then they unloaded the skid of product with care and respect....and that's how they treated me as well. Hats off to you Patene! I hope you can tell these two gentlemen that this customer is noting their awesome work ethic. You should be very glad to have them on your team. I can't find an email address for you so I will be sure to call you as well. Sincerely, Sheryl Thomas Marquee Theatrical Productions Aurora, ON