Patene Building Supply Ltd.

Air and Moisture Barriers

Local and provincial building codes require moisture and air barriers on new homes, residential renovations and all commercial buildings. In addition to required barriers like thermal insulation and house wrap for moisture control, Patene offers a range of products that can extend the life of your structure and help them look new for longer. That saves you money on future repairs.

  • Fiberglass, foil, and foam insulations cut air heating and cooling costs in all seasons
  • Synthetic polymer sheets separate different materials (wood frame, concrete floor, steel frame, exterior brick, etc.), preventing air leaks and mold build-up from condensation
  • Paver sealers, acoustic sealant, and other liquid moisture barriers can increase the strength and extend the life of a huge range of building materials
  • Are you a contractor who needs one more roll or one more can? Most Patene locations open at 7am, for rapid delivery or in-store pick-up

A modest upfront investment can make the difference between a home that looks new and stands up to the elements for decades, and one that fails inspections and brings on significant repair costs almost right away. Call or visit your nearest Patene location today to learn more about increasing the energy efficiency and durability of your new home, home renovation or commercial project.